THOM Glass Manipulator

Recently, Rice Lake Glass & Door added a new service to it’s company, The THOM produced by ERGO Robotic Solutions. The Telescopic Handler Outdoor Manipulator is a fork-attached adapter that can turn any telescopic handler into a remote-controlled multi-axis glass manipulator. Rice Lake Glass & Door purchased the ERGO Robot for manipulating heavy glass units in challenging situations that would otherwise be nearly impossible.


-THOM will lift 2000 pounds safely
-Reducing the risk of work-related injuries to our employees
-Fewer crew required to lift, transport, and set large units
-Rice Lake Glass & Door is happy to provide quotes for individual lifts or multi-day large scale projects in a multi-state area

ERGO robot

This ERGO Robot is the only one in the Midwest, and is available for hire with a trained operator. It is especially useful for challenging terrain of job sites. If you’re interested in learning more about the glass manipulating ERGO Robot, contact us today.